Chrome configuration

    1. Open Google Chrome
    2. Click on settings on the top right corner
    3. Navigate to Settings
    4. Scroll down and click Advanced
    5. Select Open Proxy Settings
    6. Edit your proxy settings. Depending on your operating system, this step will vary:a. Windows – Click LAN settings, then edit the URL in the Address section (e.g. and/or change the port used to connect in the Port section (ex: 7000)b. Mac – Select the proxy you want to edit on the left side of the page (HTTP/S), then change the URL in the Address field (e.g., the username and/or password in the Username and Password fields, and the bypassed sites in the Bypass field
    7. Click OK
    8. Select Apply
    9. Check the IP using Chrome browser –
Find more info  HERE

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